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Welcome to my little corner of the blog world. Here you will find post on my journey of “Making-Do” in a world where “a lot is good so more must be better!”

Here you will find the crafts, meals and life of my simple life. That life includes me (Molly), my husband (B.), son (H.) and any other characters that might pop up. We are a young family in the Midwest. We just became a party of three in February 2011 and are trying our best to make good decisions while enjoying life and this means a living a bit more by the old adage of “Make Do or Do Without”, a rarity nowadays.


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  1. Hi Molly! Stumbled upon your profile on Ravelry while searching for other Iowa knitters. I’m in Vinton, between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids. I am loving your blog! My baby girl is 4 months old this week and I, too, find myself knitting a ton of baby items these days. I read your post “12 weeks old” and I feel ya completely! I, too, went much past due, 11 days to be exact. It is really hard these days to go that far over without the medical community really pushing the science on you! Glad your story turned out well with little Henry! See you online!–Ruby (Roobee on Ravelry)

    • I’m thrilled you found me, I’m always excited to find more people “in the area” and as Iowans “in the area”
      is the better half of the state =D I think for the next kidlet I’ll try and wait things out a little more, but oh boy at the end of that day I was glad to have been at the hospital from the first moment!


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