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New house means that my cooking instincts are in overdrive.  Combine this with a wonderfully clingy and explorative 10 month and it’s an adventure.  But tonight while the boys were having baby/daddy time I managed to make some granola.  I used “Megan’s Recipe” found on  So far, it’s great – I personally deleted the sunflower seeds and added dried blueberries and cherries into the final mix, but boy does is smell yummy and I’m hoping all the cleverly disguised chopped nuts will help this girl get more healthy protein.

The “Dry” Mix of Rolled Oats, Oat Bran, Wheat Germ and chopped Almonds, Walnuts and Pecans

Waiting for things to boil.

Fresh out of the oven

Yum.  Perfect for this girl to grab on the way out the door at 5 a.m.

I don’t have a price comparison for this vs. store bought granola and honestly it’s probably comparable to some higher end bagged granola because of the multiple kind of nuts and dried fruit, but sometimes the health benefits outweigh the cost savings.  I know exactly what went into this.  There’s no high fructose corn syrup or crazy preservatives and that makes me feel a little better. According to the recipe site the exact recipe gives 8.3 g of protein per serving (30 servings per batch) and 5.8 g of dietary fiber.

In the future I’d love to make it with local fruits that I’ve dried myself and locally sourced honey, but for now this is SO much better than an overpriced double-chocolate muffin from the cafeteria.


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