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In just a few short days we’ve

… made SO many trips back and forth.

… spent alot of green baby proofing, getting those little things and restocking my pantry.  (Oh, but felt so good to restock MY pantry)

… cuddled a little boy who’s had the sniffles and cough all through the moving weekend.

… cooked meals and shared them with family and friends in and from our kitchen.

… set up the Christmas Tree and our decorations.

… made quite a bit of progress so far, that is if you don’t count the downstairs catch-all room.

listened to a lot of Christmas music (Henry loves “Run Run Rudolf” ala Sister Hazel and “Why Can’t It Be Christmas Time All Year” by Rosie Thomas).

… cried some happy, thankful “I don’t deserve this” tears.

had my heart grow three sizes watching my son play in HIS room.

… been discovering all the little wonders and joys that accompany this big change.

Be back soon, I promise.


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  1. How exciting!!! I can’t wait to see photos. The first few weeks are hectic. I think I rearranged my kitchen twice before I finally figured out where things should ‘live’.

    • I rearrange about every 6 months anyways… but for 3 days in we’re doing pretty well except for about 7 boxes of “miscellaneous” in the basement which we’ll get to probably around this summer.

  2. Molly~
    Sounds wonderful. Just like Home.

    my heart was touched at the heart growing 3 sizes and the boy playing in HIS room… I think my heart grew a bit too!
    So sweet.

    Welcome Home to you and your family.


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