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  • a home to rest in and walls to keep the weather out- whether it belongs to us (in 4 days) or those gracious enough to share theirs with us
  • good food, clean water and warm clothes – the basic needs we take for granted
  • a good, simple jobs that allow us to provide for those we love
  • good marriages – my own and those that have set an example and shown us that it’s not perfection that leads to happiness
  • faith in a God who doesn’t expect me to be perfect, but expects me to try none the less.
  • the eye opening experience that comes from working in a children’s hospital which means I come home more grateful each day and always have a mental list of those who need our prayers handy
  • becoming a parent – the best present I’ve ever been given
  • and for all the things, big and small, that I really don’t deserve.

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  1. Lovely list! 🙂 I heartily agree!

  2. I LOVE this list!!! Thank you for the reminders that we are truly blessed!

  3. Well done. Love your list.

    Our family has been on the receiving end of gracious workers in a children’s hospital. People with your kindheartedness…bring great comfort to those of us in need.

    Blessings! Pat

    • Thank you, and God bless yours I hope your experience had a happy ending. In the grand scheme of things I probably do very little for these kids – I try to make and deliver their meds dutifully, have been an elevator confessor for a few parents and when I find a kid who really needs it they go to the top of my list. I’ve even stopped and silently prayed over a couple bags of dialysis and some other meds while I was on delivery. I’m happy to report that my top two focuses right now are doing splendidly though they’ve both been at deaths door.


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