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For the sake of honesty – Quick Takes

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Do you ever follow those blogs that are too shiny-happy to be believed?  I do, and while I realize many bloggers just want their sites to be an escape, highlighting the good times I thin we all appreciate when we see that their lives just as crazy as ours.  So in the interest of honesty here’s my Top Seven things you probably don’t know about me from reading this blog.

1)  It is nap time, I have a weeks worth of laundry to do and a laundry room floor that desperately needs cleaning… and I’m on the internet.

2)  #1 happens more often than not.

3) I’m terrible at writing out Thank You cards – I found a stack from high school graduation last year.  If you’re a friend of my family or a distant relative I don’t really know, I’m sorry and I’m sure I loved whatever it was you sent 10 years ago.  I might also have found a small stack of wedding thanks you’s when moving last year too.

4) I’m good at cleaning the house, but terrible at organizing.  The table might be clean and decorated, but please just ignore the pile of a year’s worth of bills and receipts that’s imitating a particular structure in Pisa, Italy… I swear I’ll get it soon… one day.

5)  I’m really bad at confrontation – if you ever know me in real life and we get in a fight I’ll eventually act like nothing has happened rather than have a face to face conversation.  This how adults do things right?…. Yeah, I know, it’s like I’m 12.

6) Yes, I do have the T.V. on and my child in the same room occasionally, but sometimes Mommy really wants to catch up on Big Bang Theory from 3 weeks ago before 3 a.m. next week and he has no interest in watching it anyways.

7)  I have high expectations of people and a bit of a short fuse for others figuring out those expectations.  I’m also horrible with expressing those expectations.  All of this combined makes me want to nominate my husband for sainthood.

Anyone else want to confess their blogging sins too?


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  1. Oh goodness, I am right there with you on so many of these! Especially being online instead of tackling the mile-long to-do list right next to my computer. And avoiding confrontation like the plague!

  2. Yes all the way down the line. Thanks for being real, Molly. I remember years ago when my kids were little: the laundry was stacked around me, there were pearls of honey on the shag carpet compliments of my two year old, my 3 month-old was inconsolable unless held, I needed to make dinner, and we had $27 in our checking account. I called my mother in tears and she said, “You’re watching too much television. This [not TV] is the way life is. Do what you can when you can, and enjoy what you can while you can.” Fast forward 27 years: the issues are different now, even more of my own doing, but my mother’s words still resonate in my head. They help me go a little easier on myself.


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