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Molly Makes {Sensory Pillow}

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I finally buckled down and the prototype you saw HERE and made it into its final product.  Henry has long be enamored with big buttons and shoe laces so I wanted to make him something that he could chew and pull on all he wanted.

So I found a small pillow and made a pillow case out of fabric from my stock.

On one side I sewed down buttons (a combination of vintage buttons from my collection and a few purchased), a bright red shoe lace and an elastic shoe lace.  This was all I had done on the prototype and it was so well-loved I almost convinced myself I didn’t need to do more.

However I wanted to further the project on the reverse side.  On the flip side is an assortment of ribbons, most of them left over from his robot sensory toy I made him before he arrived.  There are different patterns, shapes, sizes and textures to explore.

My inspiration for this side was a “crazy quilt” pillow I had as a child made out of men’s ties, I remember being very young and tactile-y exploring the different patterns and qualities of those fabric; I even had my favorite – a particularly smooth section right in the middle.

I’m hoping this project will grow with him – we can remove and add buttons and laces to further explore sizes (once the choking hazard stage is passed), colors, numbers – the sky is the limit.  It can be a place for him to learn to tie his laces, braid and tie knots while the reverse side will hopefully serve its primary function while being comfortable enough to be a kid sized travel pillow.

Over all I’m quite pleased with this project – even at 8 months old this pillow can easily keep up his attention for about 20 minutes and I’m hoping this will prove to be a good home, car and maybe even quite church toy.

(If anyone would be interested in an instructional post for this or any other project, please let me know.  I’m reluctant to do them, since they’re time-consuming to put together (the post, not the project) and don’t want to unless there’s interest.)

{More to come!  It is the season of making in my house and I have a stack of things already done and my little brain is bursting with new ideas!}


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  1. Just realized I didn’t comment here – I like this! I should totally do this for Miriam – she is always gnawing on our shoelaces!


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