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Once again, this is not a PF blog, but I figured a little accountability would hurt.  Here’s a run down of my original goal set earlier this month

  • Eating out/ “work food”Realistic Monthly Budget $100 ($10/week/person on work food, $20 eating out) Ideal Monthly Budget $60 – Goal Met? Almost, I did really good this month, but the hubby used a little more than he normally did.  We also had a day sitting with family in the hospital factored in here.
  • The No Clothing ChallengeRealistic Monthly Budget $25 Ideal Monthly Budget $0 Goal Met?  Very close, we needed to PJ’s for the kiddo and none were to be found in the consignment shop, so I hit up a really good sale at a kids store
  • The Entertainment List –  Realistic Monthly Budget $40Ideal Monthly Budget $30 Goal Met?  Nope, hubby’s game subscription was renewed this month and he broke his headphones and I succumbed to a book purchase.  Oh well, like I said before, it happens – he renews the subscription for multiple months at once to get a discount, and used a great deal for the headphones, so we came out ahead of what it could have been in the end.
  • Vacation/TravelRealistic Monthly Budget (for months with travel, room + extra gas) $125 Ideal Monthly Budget $5  Goal Met? – Yes!  Didn’t do any traveling this month, and probably won’t in October.
  • GroceriesRealistic Monthly Budget $800 ($50/person/week ) or $400 for my half-share of the bills Ideal Monthly $600 ($37.50/person/week) or $300 for my half-share of the bills.  Goal Met?  Nope, however it was almost a 5 week month, the baby’s stock of everything was depleated so I stocked up for another couple months, and I purchased for some bulk projects I’ve working on.  I’m hoping we can really start utilitizing our stores this fall and I really need to figure out a way to account for non-food items in some of those bills to get a better idea of what’s being spent on what.

So in all it sounds like a bad month, however it wasn’t.  We had some big purchases – our family photos and a new carseat which came out of savings, we paid off the car, we treated my mother to dinner for her birthday, etc. however factor those out and adjust things around and were still on track for having effective spending habits with a mortgage and more childcare factored in.

So for October, I’ll still be working to reach those Ideal Goals and doing a little more careful calculations to see where any problems are.  I know want to be shopping for groceries more at real grocery stores, not stores that have groceries in them to keep from confusing the budget.

Onwards and upwards – we won our battle yesterday and keep us in your prayers that we get good news on the dayshifts soon.


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  1. Good work! Yes, I found that I succumbed to far fewer impulse purchases when I only shopped at grocery stores, as opposed to the superstores. For a while I was getting everything there, including toiletries and the like – I figured they were the same price or maybe slightly higher, but it kept me from spending even more money like I would have in the big box stores.

  2. Overall you did pretty good!! I have a “misc” category in my budget for “misc” items such as cat food, hubby’s headache pills, cleaning supplies, etc… Anything we don’t eat, but doesn’t fit under clothing or entertainment. 😉

    • I have a household category in my complete budget – and I need to figure out what in some of these grocery trips is technically in that budget, or I just need to combine them and I keep occilating between whether baby stuff – food and diapers need to be their own category. Back when it was just the two of us (pre-move and pre-baby) I could feed us quite well with $90-150 every two weeks depending on the season and if the everyday essentials were running low. I’m sure I can do this again once we’re only 2+1 instead of 4 or 6+1.


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