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Thanks everyone.  Just that, thanks.  Thanks, no frills or sprinkles on top.  Thanks in the way my stoic mid-western relatives prefer to receive their thanks – quietly, quickly but full of sincerity,

I’ve got a lot on the way.  Fall is my favorite season by far and since we’re having a cold snap my instincts to knit and cook have been in overdrive and I can’t wait to share these things with you.

And for those who need a good laugh, I found this in the past post of my old defunct blog –

Saint Molly –

Patron Saint for protection from/for the victims of Nitpickers, Naysayers and the Chronically Grumpy.

Saint Molly , pray for us.

Help us smile in the faces of those who find fault in everything we do.

Help us remain steadfast when surrounded by those who always know better

And remain chipper and upbeat when surrounded by those who have no discernible sense of humor.

If we fail at this please see fit to provide us with Dr. Pepper, Peanut Butter Twix and a quiet, hidden place to stomp around and yell until such a time when we can complain ad-naseum to our significant others.


hmmm…. I wonder if I could convince good ol’ Benny in Rome to canonize me while I was still living…


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