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Out of the Wardrobe

Nope, still no Narnia; no shirtless James McAvoy walking out of my closet.


Well, there’s always tomorrow.

However, I did get the deep clean done.  The damage stands at this:

1 shopping bag full of ratty, damage or otherwise not worth keeping items from the undergarment/sock drawer ready to be thrown away.

1 shopping bag of items for the Goodwill – things with minor defects or out of style aka not worth of the great consignment shop

2 shopping bags of items for the great consignment shop – I was really hard on myself to accomplish this.  Even if the items were it great condition and were from quality stores – if they hadn’t been worn in the last year or I some how find a way to talk myself out of wearing them on a regular basis they are going bye-bye.  I feel good that most of the items will be taken at tomorrows drop off.

Which brings my clothing items – total for all seasons (nothing in storage) to it’s current tally

1 drawer undergarments (not full, but plenty to be cycled thru)

1 drawer socks/tights/etc. (also not full, but now organized with only the best items kept)

1 drawer jeans and non-work pants

1 drawer misc. work pants/pj’s

1 standard garment rack (maybe 3/3.5 ft long) of tops, sweaters and dresses.

That’s it folks, except for my shoes (which are hard to coral for a picture), my two winter jackets and a couple days worth of laundry in the machine, that’s my entire (spring/summer/winter/fall) wardrobe.

I’m so glad I did this now, as fall is my favorite time to succumb to my consumer urges.  It’s nice to look in and see just where, if at all there are any gaps in my necessary wardrobe.  While it’s all in really nice shape I did notice a few spots that need help and have made a few goals relating to them.

Make-Do Projects

  • Boot socks and bras – my top priority for yearly “Restocking the Stocking” gifts, but not before.
  • One or two pairs of nice dress shoes – the heels I still have from college (you know about 8 years ago) haven’t been worn in years and are getting tossed/consigned. I plan on waiting out the great C.S. for a quality pair of dress shoes this fall, or two. Goal – find consigned pair(s) of Sofft heels, or similar (small height, larger in the base than my 20 year old self prefered), they come into the great C.S. surprisingly often.
  • Continue to save for one really nice pair of leather boots – I have a dream about buying a good pair of Frye leather boots that will be heirlooms, and still wearable, when I die at the age of 107. Will check ebay and the like when the time comes, but until then I’ll make do with what I have.
  • New hat/glove set for myself – knitting myself for Christmas out of stock of yarn.

Mend Projects

  • Hem 2 pairs of jeans – bought 2 pairs of fancy brand jeans at the consignment shop about a month ago, just a little too long and need to be hemmed.
  • Re-line winter jackets – I have two winter coats and both need little work on the inside. My long wool coat (that I’ve had since 7th grade) needs new lining throughout the body and my green coat needs the pockets sewn back up. {Note to self – this has been on your to-do list for about two years…. good luck!}

Do Without Goals

  • Find and save for patterns and yarn for a couple sweaters – there are one or two classic sweaters that I’d like to have eventually, and why not add them to my closet by the work of my own hands – but until then I’ll do without.
  • I really don’t need much else right now and with the prospect of potential home ownership approaching (hopefully) there are so many other things to spend my money on/save.

Thanks to my goals earlier this month to stay out of the stores my credit at the great C.S. is currently standing at around $130, with more to sell so my “make-do” purchases, once found, will not cost me a thing with plenty left over to stock up Little Bear at the end of the season for next year.


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  1. I love Soffts! I’m not sure what your consignment store sells them for, but they regularly come up at places like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack around here for 60% off regular price or so.

  2. I got a pair of Sofft heels at TJ for I think 30 (maybe 35) last year. I love them!

    Also, you are my hero. I need to be brave and do this, but materialism for clothes is one of my biggest flaws. I am a work in progress. You’ve inspired me to be more ruthless in going through my closet.

  3. Wow, great work! I’m really excited to have cleared my things down so that it all (summer, winter, maternity, dressy) fits in one closet… but it’s a big walk-in closet 🙂 I still stand there and think I have nothing to wear, though. I think I might need to work on slowly transitioning to only quality items that I really love.


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