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Into the Wardrobe

And no folks, I’m not talking about Narnia.

The weather is turning cold here, though we’ll probably get one more blast of summer before it’s all said and done and that means it’s time to head to the closet.

I find that early fall is the perfect time to take stock of the wardrobe.  It’s easy to remember what got a lot of wear during the summer and what is no longer interesting for the winter and it’s the prime time to hit up deals in the stores for replacement items.

This weekend I started by going through my main rack of clothes, getting out the small pile of sweaters I put away last spring and really just analyzing my clothing needs.  This year I promised myself to be rather strict about what I was keeping and that everything that was kept had to meet certain guidelines:

  • Fit well – no more “only on the skinny days” pants, dresses or tops.  If can’t look nice in it any day of the month it’s just taking up space.
  • In good condition – I’m an adult, a mother and wife of modest means.  There is no reason to pull out the ratty tops and stretched out sweaters anymore and putting on a nice shirt and pants is just as easy as throwing on a pair of pj’s there’s very few exceptions for why I should be seen in public in anything less than acceptable.
  • A “go to” piece – except for speciality items, like dress clothes and heavy-duty weather/work clothes, if the item was not worn in the last year or in regular rotation it needs to get the axe.

As I mentioned in the guidelines – putting on a nice, or at least clean, t-shirt and pants is just as easy as a pair of pj’s so, personally, I don’t see the reason to allow myself in public looking like a slob.  Sure, I might not have washed my hair in the last 24 hours and make-up is often a no-go, but I can at least stop myself from wearing stained or hole-ly clothing.

I’ve found over the last year that having a smaller, nicer wardrobe has many benefits. 

  • It’s easier to get dressed – there aren’t racks of clothes to dig through to find that *one* item. 
  • It’s easier to look nice and put together, even on the days when you’re anything but. 
  • Looking put together often helps me feel more put together. 
  • Only keeping well-fitting clothing means I don’t have to worry about what’s going to show or slip out when I’m running around with the kid or juggling too many bags at the grocery store.
  • Having a small wardrobe means I’m more likely to know exactly what I have and what I need – if I know I already have two perfectly acceptable grey sweaters I’m less like to buy a new one because I know my need for an item has been met. (Grey sweaters are my kryptonite).

So for now I’m about 50% through the closet cleaning – not because there’s a lot, but because there’s a lot to be done during nap time of a 7 month old who can kind of crawl, but really wants to walk.  I still need to go through the socks/undergarments drawers and pants and then do a second sweep of everything.  My current goal is to cut my current clothing possessions by about 20% and get the seasonally appropriate things into the consignment store asap.

Do you regulate and go through your closets on a regular basis?  Do you need to?  Any suggestions to share?


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  1. Hmmm… this is something that I need to do also. I’ve got clothes in there that I wore when my kids were still at home! My youngest has been moved out for 3 years now!

    …and mostly, because not all my T-shirts can be designated ‘work in the yard’ shirts! I need to make some purchases. But on the top of my list… is make an apron! Saves clothes ,right?

    I think I’m looking into that today… before I buy anymore new tops.

    Thanks for this reminder.

    Love your blog– you spur me (to be the younger me!)….LOL…


  2. I Sooo need to do this as well!! I need to pack away my summer clothes, & organize my fall & winter stuff! I’m a little scared though… You should see my closet! *faint* 😉 lol!

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