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{Weekend Wonders}

{Weekend Wonders} – A little something to read while drinking your coffee Saturday morning in the hopes that it will give you something to think about, talk about or the inspiration to do something!

September is National Preparedness Month – With all the crazy weather this year from tornadoes, to drought, to hurricanes, tsunamis and wild fires it’s hard to think of a place that is “safe” from natural disasters.  How prepared are you to spend a week without power or pack up the essentials and get out of town?

We’ve done a lot this year to plan for the seen and unforseen potentials – stocking up dry goods and water, buying a chest freezers and stocking that as well, starting to garden and compost and there still so much that we can do.

Go HERE to the CDC site complete with lists of kits and plans to help your family land on its feet.

If all this talk of pantry stocking and the CDC makes you feel like a loony preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse, perhaps think a little smaller – do you keep extra keys with relatives for when you lock yourself out of the car?  Do you have everything that is registered and insured up to date?  Are you certain you have bandaids and neosporin around?  Do you know what to do when your little helper decides to help in the kitchen and runs afoul of hot water or sharp knives?

Being prepared is just as much about the little things as the big.

Other useful sites:

A Prepared Home – great tools and information

Food Storage Made Easy – so much information – an off shoot of the CDC program

The Mayo Clinic First Aid – basic first aid information

And don’t forget ….


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  1. Just look at how happy that family is, all ready for the next zombie apocalypse!! 😉 You know they’re a happy & well adjusted family! 😛

  2. Love the zombie prep! My favorite is “A Very Zombie Holiday” on YouTube.


  3. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show Jericho, but its on Netflix now and I am watching it. it’s about nuclear apocolypse, and now I feel the motivation to stock my basement. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’ve been meaning to check that one out, it sounds a lot like my favorite “post apocalyptic” book series and those things really do start your brain reeling over the idea of how you would fare without technology!


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