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Q:  How do you keep a 7 month olds socks on?


It’s called distraction my dear Watson.

Things are going well here in Casa Make-Do, we’ve got a lot on our plate this weekend – baptism classes, visiting family, houses to look at.  Henry had his first face-first interaction with the indoor/outdoor carpet, which is not surprising when you love to stand, but believe that your face needs to be on the ground to crawl.  It’s almost all healed today.  I’m just amazed at the progress he’s made in a month, he says “mama” and “ahba” – we’re pretty sure the later means “I like that” or “Mine”, he can push up into a sitting position, and pull himself up on to his feet and is quite the cuddler – heaven forbid someone isn’t make physical contact at all times – and we’re going to install his “big boy” car seat this weekend.

We’re doing well on our budget so far – I’ve been making a big attempt at bring lunch at work – and our clothing/entertainment budget hasn’t been tapped into yet.  Of course there are things that come up – the car seat, a dinner out for my mothers birthday, and running low on those baby essentials – but as long as they’re needs and not wants we’re staying within our parameters.  

I feel a change coming to Casa Makedo, a good one, one that heralds to world our triumph over the last year and half of struggle and new ways of life. Cross your fingers that we like what we see this weekend – the day we go to view this house will be almost a year to the day that we arrived back in the midwest, started our “multi-generational” living arrangements, and really started to learn about life.


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  1. He is such a cutie pie!! In the fall if you use the little Robeez slippers I found they couldn’t tug those off, so were great for keeping socks on those cold days! Good for you staying within your budget! I think needs are always fine, its just watching those “wants”! 😉


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