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Well, maybe not completely, but garden season is coming to a close.   I didn’t really plan for many fall crops, so I’ve been preparing for the end of the 2011 garden.

I picked my first round of home grown sweet corn and pulled up the carrots and green onions that didn’t fair very well.  I’ve been trying to nurse my pumpkins through my ill-planned squash borror operations.  I’m hoping that my green beans and second attempt at cucumbers have enough to time before it starts to get cold.

Tomatoes are still going strong – on an unrelated note, anyone want orange tomatoes?

I’ve got plans for more Hangin’ Around Pesto and drying oregano.

Overall I’m quite content with what I produced this year.  While we never made a complete meal (except for the corn) out of anything in particular, it was an auspicious start to my grand plans.

One day, God willing, I’ll be able to expand my family and not have to expand my work hours or limit my time at home just to put food on the table and being able to produce a fruitful garden and backyard is part of this plan.  So this year, on top of giving me something to do while a little home bound with the first kiddo, I was able to dig in and see if I had the drive to keep an operation like this up and I’m pleasantly surprised.

So now I begin to look towards next year; on the docket are –

2-3 Raised Bed gardens

Expanding the container planets

Pruning the fruit trees and adding more berry bushes to the property

Having a specific plan of attack for the year


We learned a little about what we’ll eat from the garden, a few things are off the list and more is added.  What I’d like to put in next year so far is: (hopeful new additions in bold)

Sweet Corn

Potatoes – golds, reds and purples


Onions – whites, yellows, greens or reds (onion research is on the list)

Lots of cucumber plants – mildew resistant

Lots of tomatoes – cherry, paste and slicers

Peppers – red, yellow, and green

Salad containers – containers planted with salad greens




Green Beans



Herbs – Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme

More flowers to attract pollinators and butterflies

Blueberry Bushes

I’m already looking forward to sitting in my kitchen this winter with something warm to drink, a snowstorm outside, surrounded by Seed Catalogs and almanacs.


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  1. Mom is going to help out by ordering some of our plants for 2012 from Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa (would like to plan a trip to their Heritage Farm in the near future). I’ve also figured out an arrangement for our kitchen so that we can bring our basil, oregano, cilantro plants in for the winter so they can get the east sun in the morning! I’ve had so much fun working with Molly (actually she did all the hard work) in our garden this year!

  2. I would definitely do pole beans over bush if I had the space to do so. I love the bush beans for ease of care and compact growing space, but wasn’t really able to plant enough to make it worthwhile this year. I think pole beans probably produce more if you can trellis them, which just isn’t possible with my current garden setup. But the ones I did get were *tasty*! I too hope to do more flowers to attract hummers & bees to the garden next year. Both were all over the purple salvia that were very tall, so I’m definitely adding more of those next year.


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