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Sorry for the absent/sporadic posts.  The end of the summer/pre-fall activities are keeping us busy to say the least.

There has been a lot of talking and readjusting of plans and time lines in the last few weeks – somethings are being put on the back-burner (my further education) and more important things are being prodded forward (my husbands further education) and somethings I’m trying my best not to dwell on and give to God (the having more kids thing).  We’re working hard towards goals, though at the moment I feel like it’s slumping along.

When I was younger I managed to get it firmly engrained in my head that if you didn’t have a house, an 8-5 job, etc. by the time you were 30 than something must be wrong with you, that you’d failed in someway.  I’ve learned in the last year that this is so far from true, but there are some days when it’s tough to remember that.

Sometimes the web is good for this – Ravelry forums have proven to be an amazing source of confidence boosting fellow knitters – and sometimes all I can see are all the success of people who, to the extent of my knowledge, have it all together.  Then I have my moments where you get to see that those shiny happy blogs aren’t always what they seem – a post here and there suggestions marital woes, money problems, learning that they didn’t get the house/the kids/etc. until they were much older than I am and you’re able to realize you’re not as bad off as you think.

Soon I’ll be back on my regular schedule again – I’ve got book reviews to finish, a test knit to seam, Christmas Projects to start (yep you read that correctly!), corn to pick (before the raccoons figure out it’s ripe), pumpkins to nurture, a family photo shoot to arrange, a baptism to plan and a baby to adore and a husband who’s ever so patient with my slumps.


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  1. Those patient husbands are a godsend! So glad God thought to bless us with them.

    Hope things are looking sunnier soon!

  2. I feel ya! For some reason I have been noticing myself in a slump, too. I have been thinking about it for a week now. I think it all has to do with summer ending and realizing my kidlets are that much older and I turned 30 at the beginning of August which did not help! I think watching pumpkins grow is a perfect remedy! Those orange sunny faces buried in the vines always make me feel like a happy little kid again!


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