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Sorry folks, no pictures until the weather cools down.  It’s just too hot to take care of the garden and then spend extra time outside taking pictures.

This week I’m experiencing the ups and downs of gardening.  I’ve had great successes – cherry tomatoes, tons of strawberry runners, peppers, too-hot-to-handle radishes, corn – but this week is the week where things start going to h-e-l-l.

The cucumber plants are no more thanks to powdery mildew – still hoping the new seed germinate once the temps cool off.

My second planting of radishes damped off – I honestly think I couldn’t keep them water enough with the heat.

I’ve got squash borrors in my zucchini and a few of my pumpkin plants and I’m just tearing the infected plants up.

My big tomatoes just don’t seem to want to turn red.

And I think the soil has gotten too hot for the carrots to grow properly


Oh well.  I’m learning for the future.  I keep reminding myself that this is just showing me how far I need to go to rely on this for food – just imagine if all this happen and it was my main source of food.  Well, it kind of has, I can’t imagine this heatwave is going to do anything good for food prices in the grocery store.

Next year I’ll be paying closer to my planting distances to fight off the mildew (and fighting it early now I know what it looks like), charting out my growing seasons early and mulching like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m going to salvage the pumpkins plants I can (I only found signs of borrors in 1 of my 7 plants) and just do away with the zucchini, we don’t really eat a lot of it any ways.   The containers for the zucchini will become homes for something else that’s a good fall crop and I’ll replant the cucumbers and radishes again when the heat wave breaks.

What are some good fall container plants?


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