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Oh my goodness this weekend was great… and I didn’t really leave my house so even better.

Things accomplished this weekend:

  • Hit up the local consignment shops semi-annual 50% off sale – got exactly what we’d had our eye on for a month, more to come on this later.
  • ALL the Laundry done – with four adults and one poop-tastic baby this is an accomplishment.
  • Groceries.
  • Canned bread and butter pickles
  • Canned apple butter, which is more like canned apple strudel filling because of my lack of the ability to purée at the moment… so yay! 5 pints of strudel filling!
  • Cut my second batch of oregano and crumbled the first batch into a jar!  I’m rather shocked how much this little plant is providing.
  • Picked more little tomatoes and a few peppers, still waiting for the big ones to turn red
  • Made my favorite broccoli, spinach, bacon and cheese Quiche
  • Made my favorite Quiche again after the pie plate exploded and got glass everywhere, including the Quiche mix.
  • Realized that was my only available pie plate and MADE DO with a deep dish round casserole dish… Deep Dish Quiché is now our favorite.
  • Got caught up on Dr. Who – have said goodbye to Mr. Tennant and will begin to adjust to Matt Smith’s goofy face in the coming weeks (months really as it took me a year to finish the last half of the last Tennant season… mainly out of denial)
  • I’m about 50% done with the sleeves to my Sweater… hopefully blocking will happen next week and I’ll be able to sew it up with a few days to spare on my deadline!
  • Finally found a Church to attend and am getting things lined up to finally get the kiddo baptised!  Hallelujah and “Praise Jesus” (this has to be said in a deep East Texas drawl and is really more of a family joke now that my husband has people say it to him all the time when he saves them money on their car insurance).

Full days are the best… you know the ones – the kind that keep you busy, but are anything but busy.

Needless to say, we’re a little bushed here… time for a nap…


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  1. What a sweet picture! You have been busy and it looks like you got lots done.

  2. Sounds like a very productive weekend!! Sorry about the pie pan. We are still getting used to the new Doctor Who as well, it was fun to hear from a fellow Doctor Who fan out in the Mom blogosphere!!

  3. Can I bottle up your energy. I need some. Wow! What a productive, busy week you’ve had. I hope you get a chance to relax a bit and enjoy that adorable baby. Too cute. Have a GREAT week

    • I definitely take tons of breaks for cuddling and kisses and “you’re the most amazing baby ever”! It was definitely one of those “the stars aligned” kind of weekends


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