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Knitting Nightmares

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I heard through the Ravelry grapevine that Vogue Knitting was having pattern sales so I wandered over to see there was anything worth my hard earned $2.99.

Oh the horror….

Raise your hand if you haven’t seen this pattern before… on an area rug.

The theme for this weeks Project Runway is Post-Apocalyptic Safari

Oh I get it… it’s ironic, right?  Right?

And why is the cloud a perfect mirror image of the state of Kentucky?


(P.S. Winifred from Hocus Pocus wants her hair do back)

Perfect for when you want that pregnancy to be a surprise until you go to the hospital.

Almost not so bad….

except for the giant reindeer ……..

on your boobs.

And last but not least the most important 5 words your ever put together.







at the lake.


Over and Done

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Well, maybe not completely, but garden season is coming to a close.   I didn’t really plan for many fall crops, so I’ve been preparing for the end of the 2011 garden.

I picked my first round of home grown sweet corn and pulled up the carrots and green onions that didn’t fair very well.  I’ve been trying to nurse my pumpkins through my ill-planned squash borror operations.  I’m hoping that my green beans and second attempt at cucumbers have enough to time before it starts to get cold.

Tomatoes are still going strong – on an unrelated note, anyone want orange tomatoes?

I’ve got plans for more Hangin’ Around Pesto and drying oregano.

Overall I’m quite content with what I produced this year.  While we never made a complete meal (except for the corn) out of anything in particular, it was an auspicious start to my grand plans.

One day, God willing, I’ll be able to expand my family and not have to expand my work hours or limit my time at home just to put food on the table and being able to produce a fruitful garden and backyard is part of this plan.  So this year, on top of giving me something to do while a little home bound with the first kiddo, I was able to dig in and see if I had the drive to keep an operation like this up and I’m pleasantly surprised.

So now I begin to look towards next year; on the docket are –

2-3 Raised Bed gardens

Expanding the container planets

Pruning the fruit trees and adding more berry bushes to the property

Having a specific plan of attack for the year


We learned a little about what we’ll eat from the garden, a few things are off the list and more is added.  What I’d like to put in next year so far is: (hopeful new additions in bold)

Sweet Corn

Potatoes – golds, reds and purples


Onions – whites, yellows, greens or reds (onion research is on the list)

Lots of cucumber plants – mildew resistant

Lots of tomatoes – cherry, paste and slicers

Peppers – red, yellow, and green

Salad containers – containers planted with salad greens




Green Beans



Herbs – Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme

More flowers to attract pollinators and butterflies

Blueberry Bushes

I’m already looking forward to sitting in my kitchen this winter with something warm to drink, a snowstorm outside, surrounded by Seed Catalogs and almanacs.

And now for something completely… Cute

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For all of you still with me after a classic woe-is-me post.

This is Henry, he likes cameras.

When he’s around cameras we try to placate him with offerings as to keep him from trying to nom on the camera.

It usually doesn’t work.

So we’ll try other distraction techniques.

Ahh… the world is safe for now.

Or is it?


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Sorry for the absent/sporadic posts.  The end of the summer/pre-fall activities are keeping us busy to say the least.

There has been a lot of talking and readjusting of plans and time lines in the last few weeks – somethings are being put on the back-burner (my further education) and more important things are being prodded forward (my husbands further education) and somethings I’m trying my best not to dwell on and give to God (the having more kids thing).  We’re working hard towards goals, though at the moment I feel like it’s slumping along.

When I was younger I managed to get it firmly engrained in my head that if you didn’t have a house, an 8-5 job, etc. by the time you were 30 than something must be wrong with you, that you’d failed in someway.  I’ve learned in the last year that this is so far from true, but there are some days when it’s tough to remember that.

Sometimes the web is good for this – Ravelry forums have proven to be an amazing source of confidence boosting fellow knitters – and sometimes all I can see are all the success of people who, to the extent of my knowledge, have it all together.  Then I have my moments where you get to see that those shiny happy blogs aren’t always what they seem – a post here and there suggestions marital woes, money problems, learning that they didn’t get the house/the kids/etc. until they were much older than I am and you’re able to realize you’re not as bad off as you think.

Soon I’ll be back on my regular schedule again – I’ve got book reviews to finish, a test knit to seam, Christmas Projects to start (yep you read that correctly!), corn to pick (before the raccoons figure out it’s ripe), pumpkins to nurture, a family photo shoot to arrange, a baptism to plan and a baby to adore and a husband who’s ever so patient with my slumps.

Molly Makes {Hangin’ Around Pesto}

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Finally dug out the blender and made pesto last week – this was my first time making it from scratch and I must say it was a great success.  I ended up improvising a bit, using things that I normally keep in my pantry to make my pesto.  So I here’s where I get to share my recipe – it’s probably not a proper recipe, but most of my cooking starts with a recipe and ends up with being its own thing.  Also good to know that most of my go to recipes usually have the caveat of 1) Add cheese until perfect or 2) Add bacon until perfect, luckily this recipe only has a little of number 1 and none of number 2.


HANGIN’ AROUND PESTO: deliciously good pesto made from pantry items

2 boxes frozen spinach – unfrozen

1 gallon bag of fresh basil leaves (from the garden)

approx. 2 -3 tblsp of oregano (I used dried oregano from the garden)

2 tblsp of minced garlic

approx. 2 cups of Parmesan cheese

1 tblsp of lemon juice

dash of salt

*Add all the above items into blender, mix on “chop” setting until well blended, but not liquified*

Add contents of 1 small bag (also about 2 cups) of chopped walnuts

*Mix on chop cycle again, also do not liquify*

Add approx. 1 -2 cups of olive oil to blended mix, continuing on chop cycle, until pesto has reached desired consistency.  NOTE – you might need to add olive oil earlier to get blender to mix well

*about 1/2 batch of pesto*

ENJOY!  You’ve made pesto out of common things you probably already have in your kitchen, and you’ve add the nutritious element of spinach!  Don’t tell your kids it’s good for them and enjoy immediately or freeze to enjoy with pasta or pita chips as a snack.


I estimate with just this one batch of pesto I produced almost $20 of quality pesto without preservatives, without having to spend anything more than what I normal get at the grocery store.

I took one dish to a family get together this weekend and it was a hit!


If you ever need a quick dip for a party do the following:

*Spread out a layer of cream cheese (1 – 2 tubs depending on the size of the dish)

*Spread a layer of pesto on top of cream cheese layer (should have a good amount of olive oil so it spreads easily)

* Sprinkle with sun-dried tomatoes

* Grab a bag of pita chips or crackers and head out the door!  Delicious party snack in about 10 minutes! Refrigerate before serving.

Parenting Terrors

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So I’m just going to put myself out there on this – you guys can refrain from any “you haven’t been a parent long enough”, etc. comments I realize that there tough times ahead – but it makes me said to see folks sending out “the parenting terrors”, listing every terrible thing that could happen or does happen for a period of time.

A friend on the good ol’ FB made a post about how she “has to admit I’m almost jealous of all you out there with cute tinies”.  This coming from a friend who really has no desire to be a parent and never really has, but here pipes up a “friend” of theirs with:

“Reality check: stretch marks, stretched out nipples from feeding, boobs that hang rather than sit, diapers, whining, fighting, no sleep, no sex, puberty, and someone always yelling MOM at the top of their lungs for the rest of your life! Yeah they are born cute for a reason so that way we keep them.”

No wonder so many of my generation don’t want kids if this is all there is to look forward to.

So here’s my counter, as someone who never thought they’d want to be a parent and who loves it more and more each day.

Reality Check:

Parenthood is hard and not for the faint of heart, stomach or mind.  So is being a Navy SEAL, but more people will tell you not to become a parent than will tell you not to become a Navy SEAL.

Yes, your body will change, but it will change because it doing what it’s made to do and one day you look down at those stretchmarks and realize they’re battle-scars and you’ll be proud.

Yes, there will be diapers, spit-up, throw-up, whining, fighting, crying and screaming and one day you’ll have to deal with it all at once, then it will be all over and for a moment you’ll believe that you might just be magic.

Yes, there will be no sleep and for once in your life it will be for reasons that don’t revolve around you and you’ll realize that it’s no different than the hundreds of other sleepless nights in your life.

Yes, there will be no sex and you’ll realize how much a true relationship can deepen without it.

Yes, there will be puberty and if you’re lucky you’ll realize that you’ve been given the chance to make it better than yours was.

Yes, there will always be someone yelling MOM and hopefully, before it’s too late, you’ll realize that it’s because you are the beginning and end to someones whole world.

And you’ll smile and never understand why you were so lucky.

6 months

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Someone is 6 months old today.

Thank you Little Bear for the most amazing 6 months of my life.

I’d do it all again.

Thank you for letting me be your mommy.

I love you so much it hurts.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.