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Molly Makes {A Thrifting Score}

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Oh, thrifting how I love you.  You’ve provided us with the majority of our clothes and furniture and now you give us this!

I was doing a quick check at my local consignment shop (checking up on a couch we’re waiting on to drop in price) when I did a quick check of the housewares.  I’ve been on the look out for new-to-me tableware for about two years now as the chipped and dwindling set I have left over from college is no longer cutting it and there, after years of waiting was this.

A Vintage Turquoise and Gold Pyrex Tableware set.  Now, it’s not complete – I need to find myself some bowls and another cup, and some salad/desert plates would be nice – but I haven’t gotten to the best part.  The entire set was marked at $14.99, a steal for vintage anything and a further steal that I didn’t have to pay a cent because of the store credit I have from selling items.  But here’s the sweet spot.  I came home and jumped on eBay to find that $14.99 is what most people are asking for one or two plates, let alone a good chunk of a complete set and why?  It might have to do with the fact that the Gold part of “Turquoise and Gold” is real gold, possibly 22K gold according to one source.

Well, now I know what I’ll be asking for birthday’s and holidays for awhile.

Anyone else struck thrifting gold recently?


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  1. That is a total score! I love my grandma’s old Pyrex set, too, so simple but beautiful. Your set really is pretty. I love the turquoise. Let’s see, the greatest thrift shop score I ever got was about 8 yrs ago when my oldest DD was about a yr old and I was thrifting for clothes for her and found stuck in the summer clothes rack a brand new Hanna Andersson red flowered snow suit in her size. I think it was priced well below ten bucks, so I bought it even though it was August or some other horridly hot month. I looked it up online and the current colors/patterns were selling for close to $100, so I was totally thrilled! I had never had any Hanna-wear before, it is so expensive. That snowsuit lasted her 3 winters! And now my younger DD will get to wear it! I am loving this post of yours. It has made me completely rethink the amount of money I have spending on this new baby that I really didn’t have or need to spend on my other two 5-10 yrs ago, so why now just because we have a little more? You’ve brought me back to reality and it is sweet! THANK YOU!

    • I’ve made a couple of those thrift store clothing finds for Henry and myself! If you ever come down to the IC area you should hit up the Coralville Stuff Etc. it’s wear I get 90% of the clothes for me and the little one (not to much luck on the hubby, but he doesn’t need much anyways) and the label snob in me loves getting Baby Gap for him and Ann Taylor Loft for me for well under $10 a piece (you can’t pass up quality, cheap clothes!).

      I should do a post on the baby thrifting soon it’s becoming a speciality, thanks for the idea!

  2. LOVE this set of dishes!!! They are so pretty! Great find! 🙂

  3. Pretty set! I have a similar set called Alpine ware by Wood and Sons, England from my Great Grandmother, and it’s very pricey to get the pieces that are missing! Just don’t put the dishes in the dishwasher or the gold will come off!! My Noritake china set also has gold on the edge so we have to hand wash it all.
    I love a good thrift store find story! We get so much stuff from ours and I love the fact that it’s run by a local charity that does so much in our community!
    ~ joey ~

  4. Oh my, gorgeous!!!! Congrats on the find!


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