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I am Simple.

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I’ve tried writing post after post on how I discovered Voluntary Simplicity (Duane Elgin and Your Money or Your Life) and homesteading skills ( one part renaissance woman, one part environmental/economic skeptic, with a hint of I-was-born-in-the-wrong generation and liberal helping of introverted homebody).  Other people on more focused sites (see my links bar) can give you more information on the details of these movements or you can shoot me a message whenever if you’d really like my rambling two-cents.  However, this blog is mine and it’s my spot to shine so this is what I’ve got to share with you.

I believe more is less and less is more

I am not afraid of bug bites, bruises and farmer tans

I am proud of my well-being, my accomplishments big and small, my family and my home

I welcome the traditions that come with the seasons of nature and the seasons of life

I am more comfortable with dirt under my nails than with nail polish on top of them

I am prepared because life is full of surprises and big or small I like to know we could get through it a bit better

I am believe handmade things are not just things; they become something more, something special, because someone has spent the time and energy to create them

I believe the best knowledge comes from hard work, good books and first hand experience

I am not insulted to be called practical, resourceful, frugal or quaint… these are not four letter words to me

I probably don’t know what T.V. show you’re talking about

I am certain I’ve never seen that commercial either

I am definitely not fashionable

I am know there is a difference between what I want and what I need

I believe everything I’ve been given from the clothes on my back to the water in my glass to be a gift and gifts should be cared for, thanked for and passed on

I am nothing new;

I am Simple.


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  1. I love this, too! Brilliant. 🙂

  2. Oh well said! I feel the same way! xx


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