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Molly Makes {The Front Page}

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Bonus Molly Makes today! I made the front page…

well kind of…

sort of…

in my mind…

Anyways I was tickled pink to find a message waiting for me when I logged into Ravelry yesterday.  Someone wanted to make a photo of one of my knits a feature photo for the patterned.  I’m thrilled to be a featured photo for the Montse Beret, which happens to be my favorite hat pattern (with close second being the Purl Soho Simple Pleasure’s Hat).  It’s a fantastic pattern that is quick to knit and easy to complete with one skein – perfect for a holiday present.  As you can see HERE I’ve done just that … and knit myself a few because of my uncanny hat-loosing ability (really, I’ll mourn the loss of my 1st Montse Beret for years to come).

Speaking of my 1st Monste and how much I miss it… I give you the 2009 Christmas Card featuring my favorite, long lost hat…

okay, yeah, you can barely see the hat… but I love this picture!  =D


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  1. bwahaha, love that picture!!

    congrats on the “front page” opportunity!


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