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Busy Weekend

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First off – Happy Fourth of July to all my USAmericans!  Sadly, though I had the weekend off, today is just another day back at work!

Speaking of the this weekend, boy was it busy.  Not crazy hectic busy, rather just full and productive.  We did a lot of cleaning, gardening and shopping.  We have quite a few containers of things for the Goodwill and the consignment shop and nice organized closest again.  We hit up the farm supply stores for some essentials as I’m turning my mother on to the benefits of bulk buys for essentials.  We also got our canning supplies!  I’m so excited to be starting down this road in the next week or two!  I also harvesting my first bunch of oregano (drying in a dry basement closet) and basil (chopped up and mixed with a little olive oil in the freezer)!

One little sidetrack – can I just say how much I love home/farm supply stores.  While they’re just as jam-packed with things as any Wal-Mart I love the feeling of being surrounded by goods that really serve a purpose when shopping.  I like that I can ask the employees for things like stakes, fencing, pickling lime and zip-ties and not be given a blank stare.  I like seeing that people other than me buy clothes to last more than a 4 month fashion season and raise animals that would never fit in a handbag.  I ::heart:: farm/home stores!  Do you?

The coming couple of months are going to be busy!  The garden is really starting to come alive.  I’ll have my first zucchini by the end of the week, and we seem to be winning the powdery mildew battle and I should have cucumbers still!  Except for a strawberry plant slaughter by a friendly deer everything is going so well! There are going to be things to harvest, family to visit and a Little Bear (aka Henry) to encourage.

As you can see he started on mushy foods this last week and there’s no turning back – he loves the stuff and while we have a nice little supply of organic baby foods my goal is to be making most of it.  So next week I’ll be in the kitchen pureeing carrots, sweet potatoes and peas like a mad woman.  I can’t get a graphic to post so please go HERE!!! for a great list of foods that are low/high in pesticides!

We’re also in the market to get a chest or standing freezer and were out pricing the  other day and came across this failure in product description.  It made us laugh, perhaps a little to loud.


How was your weekend?



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