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{Weekend Wonders}

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{Weekend Wonders}  – A little something to read while drinking your coffee Saturday morning in the hopes that it will give you something to think about, talk about or the inspiration to do something!

Today we have a {Weekend Wonders} foreign language lesson:

Kummerspeck – German, defined as the weight gained from emotional over eating.

Literally –


mmmm…. Grief Bacon….



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Ducked outside for a moment just a few minutes ago and found this…

What the h- okay I won’t disgrace myself by sharing the colloquialisms that came out of my mouth in rapid fire succession.

I did quickly find the culprit, who looked something like this…

(not the real “you know what”, as I wasn’t going to give him another second to munch at my hard work while I got my camera)

That is before I chucked him into the yard where he will hopefully fill the belly of an obliging bird.

I have to say I got pretty good distance and it was more than satisfying seeing his smug little green body sailing through the air.

There seems to be damage one of my other tomato plants, but I couldn’t find anything.  However I’ll be back tomorrow morning with – as Mad Eye Moody says – constant vigilance!

We’ve survived the great strawberry slaughter of 2011 and the powdery mildew epidemic… we’ll get through this!

p.s. that’s not photographic ambiance or my inability to focus – it’s so darn humid out I couldn’t keep the lens from fogging over for more than a few seconds!

Molly Makes {A Thrifting Score}

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Oh, thrifting how I love you.  You’ve provided us with the majority of our clothes and furniture and now you give us this!

I was doing a quick check at my local consignment shop (checking up on a couch we’re waiting on to drop in price) when I did a quick check of the housewares.  I’ve been on the look out for new-to-me tableware for about two years now as the chipped and dwindling set I have left over from college is no longer cutting it and there, after years of waiting was this.

A Vintage Turquoise and Gold Pyrex Tableware set.  Now, it’s not complete – I need to find myself some bowls and another cup, and some salad/desert plates would be nice – but I haven’t gotten to the best part.  The entire set was marked at $14.99, a steal for vintage anything and a further steal that I didn’t have to pay a cent because of the store credit I have from selling items.  But here’s the sweet spot.  I came home and jumped on eBay to find that $14.99 is what most people are asking for one or two plates, let alone a good chunk of a complete set and why?  It might have to do with the fact that the Gold part of “Turquoise and Gold” is real gold, possibly 22K gold according to one source.

Well, now I know what I’ll be asking for birthday’s and holidays for awhile.

Anyone else struck thrifting gold recently?


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A quick little update.  Above you’ll now find “The Make Do Library” – selection of books I’ve found informative, entertaining and useful in areas like simple living, crafts and cooking!


What are some of your favorite resources?

I am Simple.

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I’ve tried writing post after post on how I discovered Voluntary Simplicity (Duane Elgin and Your Money or Your Life) and homesteading skills ( one part renaissance woman, one part environmental/economic skeptic, with a hint of I-was-born-in-the-wrong generation and liberal helping of introverted homebody).  Other people on more focused sites (see my links bar) can give you more information on the details of these movements or you can shoot me a message whenever if you’d really like my rambling two-cents.  However, this blog is mine and it’s my spot to shine so this is what I’ve got to share with you.

I believe more is less and less is more

I am not afraid of bug bites, bruises and farmer tans

I am proud of my well-being, my accomplishments big and small, my family and my home

I welcome the traditions that come with the seasons of nature and the seasons of life

I am more comfortable with dirt under my nails than with nail polish on top of them

I am prepared because life is full of surprises and big or small I like to know we could get through it a bit better

I am believe handmade things are not just things; they become something more, something special, because someone has spent the time and energy to create them

I believe the best knowledge comes from hard work, good books and first hand experience

I am not insulted to be called practical, resourceful, frugal or quaint… these are not four letter words to me

I probably don’t know what T.V. show you’re talking about

I am certain I’ve never seen that commercial either

I am definitely not fashionable

I am know there is a difference between what I want and what I need

I believe everything I’ve been given from the clothes on my back to the water in my glass to be a gift and gifts should be cared for, thanked for and passed on

I am nothing new;

I am Simple.

{Weekend Wonders}

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{Weekend Wonders}  – A little something to read while drinking your coffee Saturday morning in the hopes that it will give you something to think about, talk about or the inspiration to do something!

A Liter of Light – please follow the link below to see how a soda bottle of water and bleach is bringing light to the poor!

Some Days

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  • Some days it’s just too darn hot
  • Some days you go a little DVD happy with the new BBC collection  at Target
  • Some days you kind of half – a** redoing the fence around the garden
  • Some days you take a lot of naps just because the brown-out gives you a good reason to
  • Some days you take a few more naps even though the power is back up
  • Some days popcorn is the best option for dinner
  • Some days are just better spent as they come