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Molly Makes – Baby Edition {Toys}

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Not everything I’ve made for Henry has been to wear.  Last fall I sat down and stole borrowed some wool from my mothers collection and came up with my own design for a sensory toy for him.  Most sensory blankets I saw were, well, ugly and I wanted his to be a bit more.  So going along with my hopes that every little boy loves robots I drew up Roger the Robot.

Roger is primarily hand sewn using a blanket stitch and french knots, the body and arms are machine sewn together and he’s stuffed with padding to make him cushy.  I’m quite proud of Roger and am contemplating drawing up his instructions for sale.  What do you think?  Do you know anyone who’d like to make their own Roger the Robot?

p.s.  My little boy is officially 4 months old today!


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  2. Molly, Roger is adorable! I’m in the planning stages of making Kasper a robot softie. I made an adorable (if I do say so myself) owl softie/sensory toy. I will share some photos of it as soon as the gift is delivered. My vote is for you to go ahead and make up his instructions!


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