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How does your garden grow?

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Well the plot/moat now has the pumpkin seedlings, a row of green onions, radishes and carrots.  The pumpkin seedling are doing well, and I was even treated to my first squash bloom the other day, and we’re still a week or so away from finding out if the birds ate the onion, radishes and carrots.  There’s still a lot of work to be done on that patch.

But the containers are growing wonderfully!  I owe you a few more pictures tomorrow as I was finishing up as the sun went down.

This weekend we mulched over the grass on this back little terrace to make room for the sprawling container plants (and because we were tired of mowing the small, awkward space.

I didn’t get any before pictures, but luckily for the internet I can give you some idea of what it looked like…

But after a few hours and a lot of mulch it looks like this.

Here’s a middle of the project shot in better light (tomorrow, better pictures I promise).

The rest of the plants are doing well and the tomatoes are showing signs that we might have something to show for our efforts soon!

We also fought the good fight against the poison ivy along the other side of the house and my compost pile seems to be actually composting, though with table scraps from 4 – 6 adults I’m running out of room and either need to invest in a compost tumbler or  a proper box soon!

And to make up for the wait for the real pictures of the new space, here’s an artistic-y type pictures to tide you over.

And here’s a picture of my baby looking like Yoda, a very concerned and surprised Yoda.


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