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Molly Makes {Baby Blankets}

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A brief interlude to show you a couple things I’ve made for other babies.  Two similar blankets, one for the new baby of an old boss and a second sent off to comfort a baby and mother I’ve never met for Craft Hope.  The second was made of the left over yarn – I always buy too much when I do buy for a project.

It’s a great simple pattern, you just repeat the fan pattern to your hearts content and it lends itself wonderfully to striping.  Perhaps after I finish my plans for Henry’s next sweaters and his quilt I’ll make him is own version of this.  However we were gifted so many wonderful blankets already we’re kind of in baby blanket over load so perhaps I’ll make a throw-blanket sized version later down the road.  I love having future crafting plans!

Have you ever sent anything to Craft Hope*?  What are your future crafting plans?

* Currently Craft Hope is taking for two Projects – Security Blankets for Tornado Survivors – Infant thru Adult Sized and – Orphan Outreach – Handmade Bracelets.  If you have any projects like this that have been sitting around wait for the right kick in the pants to get you to finish them, this is it!


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  1. That is one beautiful baby blanket! I wish I knew how to do things with yarn…

    • just pick up some needles and yarn and go for it! It’s how we all learned, and making things for yourself with your own hands is so rewarding!


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