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Quick Takes #3

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Thoughts and tidbits on the last week.

1) Though I think this everyday… my little boy is getting too big!  This needs to stop, he’s put the finishing touches on lifting his head while on his tummy (a big accomplishment for Megamind here) which means next week he’ll be walking and then off to college!

2) Well last weekend went off without a bang… no people being pulled up to heaven, no massive earthquakes and no zombie apocalypse.  Though I never believed it was going to happen, I’m a good little Catholic-light girl and believe that whole “no one will know” passage, I did think a lot about how I’m happy I’m here in Iowa, with my family, if a major catastrophe were to occur.

3) I always think of one of my favorite book series, The Emberverse Books by S.L. Stirling, when people are decrying the end of the world.  In them all technology stops working, taking humanity back to the dark ages.  Not only is there no electricity, etc., the is no gun powder; nothing that uses kinetic energy works.  In it there are two places in the U.S. that really survive well, though the majority of the world dies within a year, the first is the Willamette Valley in Oregon (which I lived at the end of during my stay in that state) and … drum roll please… Iowa.  Yup, because of our naturally fertile soil, easily maintained and traversed roads, access to water and relatively flat landscape, Iowa is the only State to really keep itself together.  Ben and I always joke that we’re in the right place if the worlds coming to an end.

4) Like I said I’m not an end of the world nutter, but I do take comfort in knowing that I have a good number of skills to use if something were ever to happen or even if my life were to change (perhaps a loss of a job or if gas gets to expensive or food prices soar, something more realistic than a zombie apocalypse) I have skills to get through rough patches.  I know how to grow my food, make compost, make healthy meals that don’t need boxes of stuff from a grocery store; I can make, care for and mend clothing for my family along with other skills.  It’s nice to know that if things got rough I’d have the skills to get through it a little better.

5) Anyways, the garden/pond is still underway.  I’ve decide to make my rows go the length of the plot with the hopes that if we have another big storm (which we will) the rain will irrigate instead of flood. So far I’ve dug a trench around the plot to (hopefully) divert some of the excess water in the future.   Cross your fingers

6) For my last two bits I’d like to share some articles I was shown this week that made me think.  This article on the “Quaterlife Crisis” suggests a lot of what I’ve thought about over the last few months, perhaps many of my feelings of inadequacy have come from a sense of entitlement… or at least comparing myself to those with the views of “I deserve it all, now”.  However, part of the article reinforces the reason I chose to leave behind my last career and really focus on family and a simpler life… sure I wish I had my own home, but other than that I’m pretty darn content with my simpler, dare I say it more traditional life.

7) I’m not really hippy-dippy, über liberal or anything like that and I’m only a transitioning Catholic-Light so I have to admit I don’t pay attention to a lot that comes out of the Vatican, but I do have to commend Pope Benedict for taking a stand on the climate and “green” issues.  Honestly I don’t care if you think the Earth is a gift to us from God, blah, blah, blah, and we don’t have worry about it because here’s my two cents about it all –  my mother taught me a few things about getting gifts… you say thank you and you show you’re thankful by treating those gifts well.

and as an extra here’s an opinion post in my local newspaper about the college/liberal arts education system.  They bring up a few good points that I ‘ve experienced myself.  I believe I’m better off for now have a “trade” or skilled labor ability under my belt and my experience with this has enforced an idea about making sure my children have a skill to rely on as well as a formal education if they choose to pursue it.

How was your week?  We’re you secretly holding your kids a little tighter last Saturday, just in case?  Any gardening advice?  What’s your two cents about my generation, earth saving and the value of a college education?


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  1. I enjoyed your 7, and especially the picture of your sweet little boy. I am very much wondering why you call yourself Catholic Light. I wonder if it is because you might have run into something that keeps you from being Catholic heavy–or whatever the term is for not Catholic Light 🙂
    I agree with you on taking care of the earth too and it is cool you are so good with gardening and able to cook without boxes. I’m not living the simple life, so in order to cook within 30 minutes, I have to use the boxes, which I have to work in order to buy the boxes. Kind of like a merry-go-round.

    • Hi Colleen! Thanks for stopping by. I call myself Catholic-light because I’m an (relatively new) Episcopalian – one definition I heard that I love is “Liturgically Traditional, Socially Progressive”. My husband was raised Catholic and I was raised Methodist. I’m not ready to convert fully, there’s still a lot I want to know and a few things that the Catholic Church that I’m still learning about/coming to terms with (confession to living person, women’s role in the church, that whole Saint thing, etc) that is very different than what I was brought up in, and I’m not comfortable saying “I believe in ____” unless I actually do. So for now we attend an Episcopal Church, which in America is the exact middle ground between the denominations we were raised in. I really enjoy the liturgy and formality of the service, it’s more focused and peaceful than what I was brought up in which I love and it’s still familiar for my husband – though the music is different and it throws him off.

      I’ve found that the Episcopal Church is often made up of either people who were raised Catholic, but have some problems with the churches stance on one issues or another or people raised Protestant, and searching for something with more structure and tradition (like me), but not ready for full immersion in Catholicism. This might seem strange, but I really enjoy the idea that my church is full of these cast-offs of other denomination – I feel like I’m surrounded by others who are really trying to search for answers and even the Disciples were made up of all sorts.

      We both believe a church background is vitally important when raising a kid, but we didn’t want there to be a division between “Mommy’s Church That Daddy Dosen’t Go To” and “Daddy’s Church That Mommy Doesn’t Go To” so we found something we could both agree on. Strangely enough I fully intend on sending my kid to the local Catholic School and have no problem if he ever chooses to become a Catholic if that is the direction he feels fills his relationship with God. Maybe one day we’ll all be Catholic… maybe not, but for now I’m happy with Catholic-Light. I hope this answers your question =D if you have more don’t hesitate to ask, I love learning and discussing on the topic!

      I wish my cooking was 100% box free – it’s not, but after realizing I had no idea what contents of those “flavor packets” were I’ve made an effort to increase my repertoire of quick healthy meals. I get a lot of my recipes from the Taste of Home magazines – they have sections were they change classic home-style recipes a little to make them healthier and everyone I’ve made has been a hit and usually takes no longer than 30 minutes to make.

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you coming back again!


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