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Molly Makes {Baby Sweaters}

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One of the best things about getting ready for Henry last winter was planning things that I would make for him, and though he’d only get cold months at the beginning and end of his first year I still had plans!  Here are the two sweaters I made for him for his first couple of months, I have a third sweater I made for him for this fall so that will have to wait until he fits in it.  They were both made from yarn I already had, leftovers from past projects.

The first was his “Grandpa Sweater” – pattern HERE

This is him in it at about 3 weeks old (note the rolled up sleeves).

And this is him in it last week (note the now short sleeves).

Wooden buttons were a gift from his Grandma.  I plan on removing them and putting them on a bigger version of this I’ll make this fall.

And his Kimono sweater – pattern HERE

Button from a jar of buttons I got as a gift years ago.

I like the Kimono pattern, but love the Grandpa Sweater.  I have plans on making Henry a new one for this winter, along with one for his 2 boy cousins, one who will be almost 2 and one who will be arriving in September.  I think I’m going to go for a solid grey, red or brown this time around.


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  1. I lovelovelove the Grandpa sweater on him! I made the same one for friends when they had a baby and it now hangs in their son’s bedroom (he is almost 2 now). I knit like crazy when I was pregnant with my daughter, and she is now almost a year and has outgrown everything, so I am scouring Ravelry for patterns once again.

    • If you’re looking on Ravelry (I’m ASolidSecond) I’d suggest the “Child’s Neck-Plackett Pullover” I made this too for when Henry’s a little older. On my list for him or his cousins are “Strawberry Hill”, “A Cardigan for Merry” and maybe “Robottitanssi” along with bigger sizes of the ones I’ve already made!

      • Thanks! The Robot sweater is adorable–I think my daughter may need one in purple with yellow robots, but maybe not until preschool 🙂 She actually has a child’s neck placket pullover made for her by Michele Wang (a fav Ravelry designer of mine!), but she has grown out of it, of course, so maybe it is time for a newer, bigger version.

      • I’m glad to know that, if I have a daughter, I won’t be the only mother to give her robot theme-ed clothing and toys. P.s. I’m totally jealous you’re daughter has something made by such a talented knitter – I really need to expand my collection of knitting blogs!

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