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Rain, rain go away.

Come again…

A weekend I work.

On Saturday I asked Mother Nature to not rain on Sunday, as I hand a lot of gardening related plans.  Because she is sweet and understanding she gave me a Severe Thunderstorm, a Tornado Watch and TWO Tornado Warnings.

But between darting downstairs between Tornado sirens I did manage to get a good amount of planting completed.  Because time is at a premium this year I’m doing the majority of my plants in containers and bought them as small plants.  There are a few varieties of tomatoes, two types of peppers, strawberries, zucchini and cucumbers along with oregano, chives and basil.

We won’t be feeding ourselves through the winter with this harvest, but it’s a good start.

There’s also a black raspberry bush on the front stoop ready to be planted and hopefully joined by some blueberry bushes.

I’m also hoping to get some sweet corn, beans and pumpkins planted in the garden plot out back.  Plans of which are being re-evaluated at the moment.

I wonder why.   Oh well, I’m glad I didn’t get anything planted out there; so I’m thinking a raised bed on the higher ground to the right is in order.

Perhaps I should put a few catfish in my new “pond”.

Oh well, all in a good days work.


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  1. Oh my! I feel your pain about the wet weather, even my raised beds are very soggy.

    Love the ‘down low’ photo of your containers, great shot. Also love the dirty jeans…I have a few pairs just like that! Kim

    • Oye! It must be really soggy for a Pacific Northwesterner to use that term! I’m hoping that since the patch drains really well I can still use it.

  2. Before I even saw the other comment, I was going to say, “I feel your pain!”.

    I have a swamp instead of a garden too. Yucky.

    • I’m kind of glad I hadn’t managed to get anything in the ground yet, so much rain here! Tomorrow I’ll try and get my rows hoed if the weather doesn’t turn severe again


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