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After the onslaught of the Homemade Christmas gifts from the last post I decided I wanted to have January’s crafting a little more “me” centered.  Mainly because my walls were a little on the bare side.  What resulted was a lot of embroidery.


Also finished this


and this

And for an idea of gauge, and because I’m rather proud of my small stitches.  A close up next to a bottle cap left over from New Years Eve.

These three projects were made from patterns found in a Dover Needlework Transfer Pattern Book picked up at the Goodwill for about 50 cents.  Thread was left over from the craft de-stash I was gifted, fabric was leftover from my days as a freelance costume designer and embroidery hoops were picked up years ago probably from a Goodwill.


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  1. How fun! Sometimes I think I want to learn to embroider. How did you learn? Like did someone teach you or did you learn it from the book or did you just pick it up?

    • I was taught some basic needlecraft as a girl, but it didn’t really stick as I didn’t take an interest in all that “old timey stuff” until I was out of high school. I’m working on a “library” page that will have some of my best reference books listed soo.

  2. These are all beautiful! Nice work!


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