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Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

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  • Sleeping in
  • Cleaning and lots of Laundry
  • Shopping excursion where my patient and thrifty ways landed me with the three pairs of shoes I’ve been looking for on super sale.  I had looked for new boots for over two years, my work shoes were completely worn through on the insides and my cheap red shoes were well, cheap red shoes and the clearance rack off the outlet store rewarded my patience.  I came home to throw out or donate everything they were replacing (my old boots were almost 10 years old) and I won’t need to buy shoes for a long while – making do at it’s finest.
  • More errands
  • Dinner out with husband, baby and mother.
  • Quite evening home
  • Woken up to Mother’s Day presents – flowers, a card that was hilarious and heartfelt at the same time, and two pairs of earrings from my favorite jewelry store – Target (you know… Tar-je)
  • Church and lunch
  • Home to another present – a replacement Ipod dock set up next to my bed (replacing that one that broke two years ago) and a garden underway
  • Spent the afternoon prepping garden and pruning the pear tree with lots of iced tea and cheese cake breaks
  • Inside for leftovers, baby cuddling (which really happened between every bullet), a warm bath and more cheese cake

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Good score on the shoes, too!


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