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Quick Takes – Plans for the Summer

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1.  Get the garden planted!  I was surprised when I broached the topic with my folks how excited they were to have a garden again.  We had them when I was a kid and I’ve been dying to grow things for years now.  Hopefully some of Henry’s first food will be the result of my own hard work in the dirt.

2. Speaking of Henry and food I’m fully intending on making his baby food, and my husband is totally on this band wagon.  So another summer goal is to find a lot of baby food recipes/food combinations in preparation for his first foods.  Any suggestions?

3. Finish clean out the basement – I’ve started going through our boxes from the move and my boxes in storage from childhood through college.  Downsizing and getting rid of things whose memories I no longer recall.

4.  Finish paying off the car and start on the first home-owning steps.

5. Join a church and figure out when we’re getting Megamind baptised – we go back for our second Sunday this week and will decide if we want to join, if so I think Henry will be baptised on All Saint’s Sunday this fall.

6.  Organize all of the things I want to get done for Christmas.  Yep, start planning my Christmas in July.  This because I want to start a tradition for Henry and his  (by Christmas) 4 cousins that takes a cue from my role-model Molly Weasley.  Yep, Weasley Sweaters, or at least “Weasely” Knits.  Since all of the kids are under the age of 3 knitting projects will go quickly even though time is at a premium now.  So I’m hoping with a little planning it will get down.

7.  Get out and enjoy the summer – I’m hoping to spend a lot of time introducing Henry to nature at the near by parks and music at our summer Jazz Festival and other outdoor events.

And I leave you an out-take of our Family Easter picture… can you guess who’s jealous of the baby.

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P.S. I’m so excited for my first mothers day!

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  1. Yay gardens! I’m also planning to make Miriam’s baby food. I’ll eventually post on it when I get a chance. I’ getting the book “Baby-Led Weaning” for Mother’s Day. 🙂

    Your plans sound great! And I like your Easter top!


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