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A Make-Do Easter

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Our first Easter with Henry was quite monumental.  At least it was for people who didn’t get out much before having a kid and get out even less now.  We made to and through Church (a new church we’re trying out in the hopes of a fit so we can good ol’ Megamind* baptized), traveled about 20 minutes out-of-town to eat lunch with the in-laws and back home to spend the rest of the afternoon with my family, particularly my cousin and her little boy who’s almost an exact year older than Henry.

It was a good day, a great day even.  Henry was a gem and his cousin even shared his toys with Henry, which to a one year old means throwing (gently) bath toys at his cousin and both of them staring perplexedly at each other.

However it was also my first time as a parent on a traditionally gift-giving holiday.

Oh gifts, I have such a love/hate relationship with them.  They can bring such joy, but let me climb on my soap-box for a moment and proclaim that most people seem to go overboard.  So overboard they end up on an entirely different ship, half way across the word.  I saw friends and relatives posting pictures of their kids Easter baskets days ahead of the day filled with stuff… just stuff.  Tons of candy, toys, clothes, more toys and then the kids went to Grandma’s only to get more of the same.

Call me cheap, call me a miser I don’t care in my mind it’s too much and it means so little when the day is done.  So I set out to make Henry’s first Easter a little different.

Of course I knew he wouldn’t remember it, etc., but I don’t deny my holiday gift giving urges completely. So I won’t deny I didn’t get a couple of things from the store – however we received few to no toys for Henry at his party (we had a meet the baby party instead of a pre-baby baby shower) and he was in need a few things to play with.  But other than that I headed to the basement to the boxes of stuff my mother has been nagging begging, no nagging me for years to go through and found the rest of Henry’s presents.

In the end he had a nice sized basket, you can see the three new toys and set of pacifiers.  The rest is as follows

  • Book of Peter Rabbit stories given to me by my Grandfather (now deceased)
  • a Wooden Rocking Horse Toy given to me by my other Grandparents and made by a friend of theirs… this toy was enjoyed by Henry’s cousin too.
  • A couple stuffed animals of mine
  • A pair of baby moccasins in perfect condition
  • My Star Wars – Return of the Jedi Baby T-shirt
  • A Pysanky Egg given to my family by a Ukrainian Grad Student my Dad worked with
  • And (below) the most important… my bunny, my favorite stuffed animal was passed on to his new owner

And do I have things already pegged for future Christmas, Birthday, Easter, etc. re-gifting… you betcha!

p.s. And the rumors are true I fully intend that one of Henry’s Christmas presents this year with be a cardboard box full of torn up wrapping paper.

I’ll just have to make sure it’s small enough that his Daddy doesn’t try to use it as a transmogrifier or a rocket ship.

p.p.s I totally lived 20 minutes away from the town that the Calvin and Hobbes writer lives in and the town looks like every snow-day in the woods panel in the comic during the winter.


*yes, I’m a mean mom who gives her kid silly nicknames because of his 17+ inch in circumference cranium… what can I say the kid has big brains!


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  1. We didn’t even get Miriam an Easter basket – so mean! But I knew my mother was getting her one, and since she doesn’t know the difference yet we didn’t worry a bit about it. And also, since my husband has gone on and on for months now about how little baby stuff we want, she only put three things in it – a rattle and two types of teethers! It was perfect.

    I love your idea of regifting all of your old stuff!


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