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Last Reminder

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Hey folks, we’ve been blogging like crazy over at the new Molly Makes Do – if you haven’t been getting the post via your reader please re”follow” the new blog.  I’ve been told many loyal readers had to do this after the first month of the switch!  Hope to see you soon!


A New and Very Special Post

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Please join me over at for a post that is very dear to me and close to my heart.

What are you still doing here?!

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Obviously you’ve haven’t changed your feed to the NEW BLOG and you’re missing out – seriously David Tennant/Brad Pitt/Hugh Jackman/or whoever stopped by and was looking for you!

New Post

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If you haven’t updated your readers or your subscription now’s the perfect time!

NEW “Molly Makes” over at the NEW Molly Makes Do!

New Post Over At The NEW BLOG

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Come join me over at for a few last minute gift ideas for your littles that fully embrace the “Make Do” Spirit!

Moving Again

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We’re moving, or I should say “I’ve moved”!  I’ve been planning a move to a new blog (same name new service) for awhile and while I’m still finishing up the bits and pieces (like links, etc.) I wanted to start posting over there sooner rather than later.  I hope you’ll join me over at

Please come over, visit and leave a message.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to see more of on the new blog!

Settling In and Waiting For Snow

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The Real Life “Make Do Library” on our “hand-me-down” hutch and dollar store decorations

Simple Spaces –

Decorations are a combinations of thrift store, hand me downs and repurposedA little dose of reality at the top of the stairs

We’re doing good hear and starting to get a good rhythm.

Ready to settle into the holidays and winter, though both seem a little distant this year.

Update – looks like “winter” is speeding up and heading right towards us now… batten down those hatches folks